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8 Bags of Ahlgrens Bilar - Swedish Candy

8 Bags of Ahlgrens Bilar - Swedish Candy

Sweden’s best-tasting car was born in 1953! Foam marshmallows candy. Sweden's most sold cars. Ahlgrens bilar, candy from Sweden. The shape of cars. Foam, Marshmallows, Elbilar (Electric cars). Tickling taste.
The candy will be fresh when shipped.
Brand: Cloetta.

8 bags of Ahlgrens Bilar.
One package contains 8 bags from Ahlgrens Bilar (with 2 bags of each flavor). The flavors/bags weigh differently (from 125 gr to 160g).
Flavours in the package: Original, fruktkombi, elbilar, sursockrade
(or English: Original, Electric cars, Fruit Kombi, sweet & sour cars)

Packaged well to protect the candy.

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You will support a small business north of Sweden. Thanks in advance!